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  • I've been out of shape because of a torn IT Band. I tore my IT Band because I wasn't involved in yoga. For me, as a runner (not competitive but long distance for fun) I need the mixture of yoga and heat in order to really address very tight muscles in my body. Therefore, I've chosen to do Bikram once a week to help out with my stretching and get me in the best shape.
    Mr. Thomas, Customer Service Rep
  • I've only been doing Bikram for 7 months, but already I feel better, sleep better and my clothes fit better. I also have been eating a healthier diet. After working so hard for 90 minutes to improve my well-being, I just don't want to put junk food into my body.
    Mrs. Lavish, Stay at home mom
  • Since attending Bikram Yoga classes, I have found more space in my joints and muscles which has freed me from daily aches and pains such as lower back pain, foot pain, and neck pain. When I am consistent with my yoga practice, my mind is calmer and my body is stronger yet more supple. I look forward to practice every time I go, and I naturally crave water, healthy foods, and nutrition filled snacks instead of sweet or salty ‘junk’, or nutritionally void, foods.
    Miss Gail, Graphic Designer